Friday, 24 March 2017

Good-Bye March! Welcome to Spring!

Hi from Room 6! All of us were happy to see the first day of Spring roll around, although it hasn't really felt like it the last few days! Term 2 conferences arrived and it was wonderful to see the families here to celebrate their child's learning. The students had worked incredibly hard to finish their Arctic projects and were proud to share them.

Aubrey and her family celebrating her learning - Dad even tried the snow goggles!

We're very proud of our students that participated in this year's Project Fair - effort and commitment are needed to finish and congratulations to each of them! Two of our students will now take their project to the Divisional Project Fair.

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day and all report card envelopes returned, we enjoyed a few green treats and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Mrs. Chumola was surprised at how many of us were willing to sample the seaweed salad! Thanks to Mrs. Harms for the cookies!

Mrs. Chumola has been teaching us about different types of personal safety, using the "Kids in the Know" program. Please ask me what I've learned to help keep me safe. We also had Constable Buduhan visit our classroom to talk to us about how to use technology safely and responsibly.

We were also fortunate enough to have Daniel from "Prairie Exotics" come to give us a presentation about reptiles and amphibians. They are a zoo, education and animal rescue service. He was very knowledgeable about the animals and we could tell that he cares for them. Daniel showed us a scorpion, a bearded dragon, two turtles, a tarantula, a couple of snakes, a tree frog and a few other amazing creatures! Then, we were allowed to pet some of them - including the biggest snake!

And, last but not least, we are celebrating the arrival of Spring Break and the end of our Arctic study with a Polar Party - complete with an ice-cream treat! Here we are dressed in our pj's ready to enjoy the "Arctic Tale" movie. We've wished each other a Happy Spring Break and we'll be back together on April 3rd!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Fun Times - Busy Times!

We want to say a BIG HELLO! Time is zooming by in room 6 and we want to stop, take a breath and let you know some of the activities that have been keeping us busy. We hope that you enjoy seeing some photos highlighting what we've been learning in class - since the beginning of the new year!

We are currently very busy working on Arctic research projects which is part of our Social Studies and Science curriculums. We are studying Arctic animals and the Inuit people. Wait until you see our finished projects this month! Do know what snow goggles are? We do! Do you know how to say "Mother" in Inuktitut? We do!

We will also each have a collection of poems written to show you. A big part of our reading and writing focus has been poetry, research projects and writing in our Reflection Journals. Some of us are reading chapter books about the Arctic as a group.

Math - Mrs. Quinn La-Fleche has visited our classroom again. We have been learning different ways to show equality - could be numbers, objects, collections, various sizes and shapes to create a balance. We've also been working very hard on Problem Solving and how to present our work in an organized, neat way. Let's not forget about adding and subtracting with larger numbers - plenty of teaching and practice times!

With all of this learning happening, Mrs. Chumola has been preparing to write our report cards. To help her, these are a few of the ways that she assesses our learning:

* Conversations with us

* Observations of us while we're working during class time - when we work alone or with others

* Formal assessments of our reading, math work, writing assignments

* Our participation during class discussions and lessons

We are assessed on our own personal learning growth throughout the school year. Mrs. Chumola doesn't compare us to one another. She compares our own learning now with our term 1 learning.

Well, we're going to sign off for now - and we definitely will have another post for you before Spring Break! Thanks for checking it out and we hope you enjoy the pictures posted with this one!

These photos include our 100 Day Celebration, problem solving, different ways to enjoy reading times, measurement,  and Valentine Celebration. We'll keep in touch!

Friday, 24 June 2016

One more time...

Our last Friday of the school year together! We continue to finish, sort and take home - little by little. This afternoon is our annual "Jelly Bean Tabloid" day and we hope that Mother Nature cooperates and allows us to be outside. We have fun running around to each of the stations to complete them - all 33 of them! Our reward at the end is - you guessed it - Jelly Beans!

Here are the other year-end remarks from our class:

Griffin: Griffin says bye to all of his friends!

Alan: I really had a fun time this year! I wish that I didn't have to go to grade 4!

Audrey: I really liked learning about Mexico this year because I learned interesting things.

Ben: I hope everyone that's in grade 2 will have a fun year in grade 3. I wonder if I'll have fun in my new school. I'll miss my grade 3 classmates very much. (We'll all MISS you too, Ben.)

Charlotte: I know that I will have a fun time in my new classroom but I will miss this classroom, too. Have a nice summer!

Dominic: This year was the best year that I've had in all 3 years! P. S. Happy Summer!!!!

Eirrah: I really liked this year because I met new friends and there were different things to learn about.

Frances: I liked researching the scarlet macaw for my Mexico project and I hope that your summer turns out to be a good one!

Heather: I'm sad that I'm going to be leaving Mrs. Chumola's room because I've been in her room for 3 years already.

Kael: I really liked this school year because it was really fun! I made some new friends, too.

Liam: I'll miss this class - I'm done!

Madelynn: I'm going to miss this classroom but I'm happy to be upstairs, too!

Violet: I'm very excited for my new teacher but I'll also be missing Mrs. Chumola. I liked the research that we did about Mexico.

Signing off for the 2015-2016 school year! Our best wishes to those that are leaving us. (Sad to see

you go and we wish you lots of happiness at your new school!) and to everyone else - see you in September!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Hello Summer!

Hi everyone! We survived (and had fun) Linwood's Outdoor Challenge. We prepared for and hosted our Celebration of Learning. Thank you to families that were able to attend.  We hope that you enjoyed seeing our learning about Mexico. Part of this blog will include both videos so that everyone may share and enjoy them.

On Tuesday, we joined our grade group friends for our annual Adventure Playground fun and picnic. What perfect weather we had! The ladies at the conservatory presented an interesting program to us that reinforced our learning about soils and plants. Of course, Sargent Sundae is always a highlight to finish the day!

Students are writing about their field trip experience. We continue to finish some class work, then will organize things to send home. It's still a busy time!

As a final celebration of our Mexican learning, our class enjoyed a few traditional foods. One of them was "Churritos." They were yummy! Ask your child what they are!

To end this year's blog, I want to say thank you very much to our families for your support, encouragement and willingness to help whenever or however you can. I wish all of you a happy, safe summer with your family.

Room 6's "Last Blog Post" comments:

Andy: It has been a very good few months here at Linwood. I hope that anyone else that comes here has a very good time, too.

Aubrey: I made some new friends in this room! I hope everyone has a fun summer!

Hudson: This school year has been a great time! I was taught very well and I don't thin that I could go to a better school than this!

Maverick: This year was nice and I really like the people that were in my class.

Gabriel: It's the end of the school year - bye everybody! See you in September.

Alex: Me, Andrew and my mom were looking for the ducks on our field trip. It was fun!

Loralai: This school year was awesome and I think that because I'm coming back to this classroom that it'll be even more fun!

More comments to follow tomorrow...

Musical Performance

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Our Outdoor Challenge Week!

Last week we were part of Linwood's first Outdoor Challenge week! For five days, we were outside learning through play and a variety of activities. We managed to get two community walks in for the week, too. The weather proved to be a bit of a "challenge" but we persevered and had fun anyway! This week, the children are writing about the experience. Different stations included a mud kitchen, water play, games, different nature art activities, an earth ball, making boats, creating and weaving, scavenger hunts, reading, drawing and writing. We hope that you enjoy some of the pictures that will give you an idea of what the week looked like for us.

Okay, more than a few pictures - but we hope these give you an idea of the fun and learning that happened outside last week! The last photo is our May birthday celebration - at least it wasn't raining too hard at that time!